Archive | February 2015

Ethical Waste Management

Waste management and rubbish removal is thriving industry today. We are producing waste at an alarming rate. If this rubbish is not cleared it will create problems for future generations and probably even pose a threat to our existence.

Most waste management companies offer these services but this is a tricky job and not everyone is experienced at it. Each kind of rubbish is to be removed and handled in a particular way, one cannot use the same method for organic and inorganic process nor can it be recycled in the same manner. There are some standards for rubbish removal and treatment and one must adhere to them as they are ensure ourĀ  benefit and the wellbeing of our society.

In case of organic process the job becomes tricky depending upon the time of waste deposition. If removing organic waste more than 2 weeks old it is a good practice to treat the spot with proper chemicals which can eliminate the harmful microorganisms that have started breeding there. The treatment of such waste is easier.

On the other hand the inorganic process is easier and can be done by manual labor or by earthmovers if the quantity is huge. But after the rubbish removal process is over the waste should be segregated as a different procedure is to be followed to treat and recycle otherwise the treatment can pose severe environmental threats. Thus it is our duty and responsibility to choose a good company for any kind of removal and contribute our bit to the environment.