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Some Commonly Prevailing Methods Of Waste Disposal

LogoAs far as effective waste management is concerned, the companies that belong to this industry have several options to pick from. These methodologies are all designed in such a way that they are highly effective and ensure robust result. Some of them are being discussed below.

Ocean dumping

The first method of effective waste removal is given the name of ocean dumping and it has several advantages and disadvantages. Let us review some of them.

Advantages of ocean dumping

  • This process is extremely convenient for waste management
  • It is inexpensive as there are no major factors that can involve expenditure
  • It becomes a very remarkable source of nutrients, shelter and breeding

The disadvantages

  • The oceans suffer a remarkable burden of dumping
  • It facilitates the destruction of natural food resources
  • This also causes the destruction or killing of plankton
  • The threat of desalination is always prevailing with this method of waste removal


Listed below are the advantages of sanitary land filling method of rubbish removal

  • The volume can be increased drastically with just a little addition of manpower and resources
  • The filled land can be reused for any task, including community purposes


  • The completed landfill areas can settle down and therefore pose a threat and also require maintenance
  • This process can require proper planning, designing and operation when it comes to using it for waste removal


The advantages of incineration are –

  • It requires minimum land
  • It can be operated in any weather
  • It produces stable odor-free residue
  • The refuse volume is reduced by half

Listed below are some remarkable disadvantages.

  • It is an expensive thing to build and operate for waste disposal
  • There is a high energy requirement
  • It requires skilled personnel and continuous maintenance
  • It is unsightly – smell, waste, vermin


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